The Author PhD Project
Frode Hegland



user guide : authoring


to support the writing process



Authoring involves the following:



Adding Text


This can be through typing, speech to text transcription, pasting text or adding an image which has text and will therefore be OCR processed.



Adding Citations


Adding quotes or references to other work.




Adding Media


  • Photographs. When you add a photograph the system will present you with a dialogue box where you can enter relevant meta information about the photograph. If the EXIF contained the information, it will be carried across. You can also choose to do a quick Reverse Image Search to see if the image is online and extract further valuable meta-information that way.


  • Adding Graphs. When adding charts and graphs the system will try to understand the data and present it in an interactive way. If it cannot, it will treat it like a picture, as above.


  • Adding Audio


  • Adding Video


  • Adding 3D Objects/Scenes